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    18 Carat Gold
The South Seas Cowboys Collection

A timeless inheritance of Indonesia's remote past; a unique display of craftsmanship from an all-natural and cruelty-free material; a detailed and lengthy handmade process resulting in truly individual pieces; a versatile statement of hushed luxury.

James & Daughter's South Seas Cowboys Collection of hair sticks is handcrafted from buffalo horn by skilled traditional artisans and inspired by the animist island of Sumba, land of the South Seas Cowboys. Blending ethnic and modern style with antique and original design, no two pieces are exactly alike. The unique and natural colors, striations, and opacity of the individual horns are passed down to the pieces, like an heirloom from mother to daughter.

Wear at day or night; dress-up or grab on the way out the door; effortlessly chic and equally Ball Gown and Rock n' Roll.
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